Network access in the public areas and the meeting rooms within the building of the Computer Science Department is implemented using the kuleuven-guest wireless network and the cabled campusnet network.

How to connect your computer to the network

  • You need an account and password on the KULeuven authentication servers: either a [mrs]1234567 (students), u1234567 (personnel) or cn0035* (guests) account:
    • all 3 kinds of accounts give access on the cabled campusnet network, on the wireless kuleuven-guest network, only the guest accounts can be used
    • personnel and students should use one of the other wireless networks that are available if they want/need a wireless network.
  • Connect your computer to one of the CS-CampusNet network sockets (marked in RED) or the kuleuven-guest wireless network.
  • Your computer should use DHCP to obtain a working network configuration.
    • As DHCP is the most common protocol used by ISPs, your computer probably already is configured to do so.
  • Your computer now gets an IP number and limited access to the network.
  • Start any browser and visit any Internet location.
  • Your browser will be redirected to the KULeuven login screen https://netlogin.kuleuven.be/
  • Authenticate as shown below ... make sure to select K.U.Leuven as institution and not K.U.Leuven bezoekers/visitors nor KHLeuven
  • After succesful login you have network access to the KULeuven networks and to the Internet.

Step 1: select institution:

Step 2: authenticate:

This page can best be printed on A3 and with the screen grabs side-by-side as on: