DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributed database to:

  • convert machine names into IP numbers
  • convert IP numbers into machine names

DNS is also used for security and access control.

When a machine is connected to the network DNS servers can and should be specified otherwise using the machine will be quite cumbersome. This has to be done for all connected machines including the machine administered by yourself.

If the machine in question is configured by DHCP, then you don't need to read any further, since all DNS configuration is taken care of by DHCP.

If however you configure the (network configuration of your) machine yourself/manually, you do need to take into account the details concerning DNS.

Attention: You have to change or specify the IP numbers of the name servers.
Never change the IP number of your own machine.

  • On a Unix machine you have to edit /etc/resolv.conf or use a tool that does that for you (like resolvconf)
  • On a Windows PC use Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network -> TCP/IP -> Properties -> DNS Configuration. Fill in domain and DNS search order.
  • On a MacOS PC use the settings from your network software.

In cs.kuleuven.be there are general purpose DNS servers on mus, feniks and muspel.

If you find a DNS server on another machine, please do not use it, it is most probably temporary and/or for special purposes only.

We try to limit DNS traffic to the network segment to which your machine is connected.

Your machine is always in the domain cs.kuleuven.be. and you have to give at least one DNS server. You have to specify the DNS server by its IP number. For redundancy, you can specify more than one server.

Depending on the IP number of your machine use following servers :

  • Subnet/Vlan 9 (IP starts with 134.58.39 or 2a02:2c40:500:a000)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:500:a000::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:500:a000::134 mus
  • Subnet/Vlan 10, 990 en 143 (IP starts with 134.58.40 or 2a02:2c40:0:a000 or 2a02:2c40:0:a004 or 2a02:2c40:0:a008)
    Subnet/Vlan 188, 191, 192, 382 and 989 (IP starts with 134.58.44, fd2e:4be2:77e7:2 or fd2e:4be2:77e7:13)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a000::136 hades2
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a000::137 hades3
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a005::134 mus
  • Subnet/Vlan 11 (IP starts with 134.58.41 2a02:2c40:0:a001)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a001::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a001::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a001::149 muspel
  • Subnet/Vlan 12 (IP starts with 134.58.42 2a02:2c40:0:a002)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a002::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a002::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a002::149 muspel
  • Subnet/Vlan 13 (IP starts with 134.58.43 or 2a02:2c40:0:a003)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a003::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a003::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a003::149 muspel
  • Subnet/Vlan 15 (IP starts with 134.58.45 or 2a02:2c40:0:a005)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a005::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a005::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a005::149 muspel
  • Subnet/Vlan 16 (IP starts with 134.58.46 or 2a02:2c40:500:a006)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:500:a006::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:500:a006::139 feniks
  • Subnet/Vlan 17 (IP starts with 134.58.47 or 2a02:2c40:0:a007)
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a007::139 feniks
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a007::134 mus
    nameserver 2a02:2c40:0:a007::149 muspel
  • IP unknown or something else:
    • connected to departmental networks via VPN: any of the above general purpose name servers
    • not connected to departmental networks via VPN: use the name servers of/on the network or ISP you are connected to

More information about BIND (the nameserver software).