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Procmail(1) is a filter program with which all incoming mails can be filtered/processed. If you want to know all the details, read the manual procmail(1).

Procmail can a.o be used to:
  • throw away or put in separate folders all spam-mails that have been detected and labeled as such by our anti-spam scanner
  • send an automatic out-of-office message to whomever sends you e-mail during your holiday or other absence
  • ...

To make procmail easier to use, read here how to use the web interface.
(Previously there has been  a command line version but it is deprecated, unsupported and described in dutch only)

Which version am I using right now?

To detect which version you are using, you have to look at your .procmailrc in your mailhome directory :

  • First find out which mail server your (new/incoming) mail is hosted on, as described on the E-Mail Client Configuration Overview
  • Then use the table below to find the matching mailhome directory
    your mail is hosted on: your mailhome directory is: your mailfolder directory is:
    mail3 (aka bos) /cw/mailhome3/loginname /cw/mail3/loginname
    mail4 (aka canis) /cw/mailhome4/loginname /cw/mail4/loginname

    What the mailhome and mailfolder directories are used for, is also described on the above E-Mail Client Configuration Overview page.

You can access your mailhome and mailfolder directories from most departmental machines (e.g. of your research group or

You are using the web version if your .procmailrc begins with:

    # Do not change this file, but configure your procmail on:

If your .procmailrc looks different, you are probably using your own/manual procmail configuration and then you of course are completely responsible for its contents ;-) You might however, find some help on our procmail filter documentation.