Access to your E-Mail from outside the department

The departmental E-Mail servers are accessible from anywhere in the world. Configure your E-Mail Client to use IMAP (or POP) as described under the Client setup section.

It does pay off to use a regular E-Mail client ... it takes only a minute or so to configure and once you've done that, you can access you E-Mail in the best possible way. Certainly on your laptop or from your home computer this is the best way to access your E-Mail.

If you need to access your E-Mail from a machine you do not regularly use or that you do not trust enough to configure your E-Mail account on, there are 3 possibilities:

Character-based E-Mail Client over SSH

Learn how to use a character-based E-Mail client (e.g. mutt) and use that over an ssh connection (with e.g. putty.exe)

If you are willing to invest in the learning curve, this will pay off because it will give you nearly the same possibilities as a regular GUI E-Mail client once you get accustomed to it.

Normal webmail: The Departmental Roundcube service

This can only be used if your E-Mail is actually stored on the departmental E-Mail servers.

If you forward your departmental E-Mail to an external address, you cannot use this service - in this case, you can/should use the following special case ;-)

Special case: The Zimbra webmail

Besides giving access to your Calendar, the Zimbra web interface can also be used to send (departmental) E-Mail.

This is intended to be used when:

  1. You forward your departmental E-Mail to an external E-Mail address.
  2. You want to send an E-Mail to an internal CS E-Mail alias (which you cannot do using that external E-Mail address).

Login with your usual departmental user account and password.

Note that your E-Mail will be sent as so replies will be delivered, like all other E-Mails, to your forward address. They will not end up in your Zimbra mailbox.