To connect a machine to the network of the department of Computer Science, you need an IP-address. You can apply for such an address with one of the following (dutch) web forms.

If you are not familiar with how things are generally done, you might find this decision table helpful.
If you are familiar with the departmental traditions, you can access the forms directly below:

  • The department is the owner of the machine: please fill in this form for a machine paid by the department.
      You need to fill more details about your machine (including price) but:
      • your machine will be covered by the departmental insurance policy
  • You are the owner (and thus administrator) of the machine: please fill in this form for a machine paid by yourself.
      This is the least complicated way to get your machine connected but:
      • your machine will not be covered by the departmental insurance policy

You should never, under no circumstances, use any other IPv4-address than the one you receive after filling out that form. Severe network problems, troubling not only yourself, but potentially any other machine and user on the network or connected networks might result in doing so.

When an IPv4-address is allocated for your machine, you need to configure it. Please consult this page for information about how to do that for IPv4 on various platforms.

When your machine is connected to an IPv6 aware network, it will (most probably) configure itself, However for our system configuration we recommend to contact if you want to use IPv6.

To be able to use the various services of the departmental computers, your machine must be configured correctly in some configuration files on them. You can check its status yourself; please consult this page for more information.

Your machine will be added to the list of machines that are covered by the All Risk insurance. So it is important that the serial number, type of the machine, price, warranty/maintenance contract number, date of purchase are correct.

What to do to prevent or in case of theft/loss