For a repository of reasonable size and scope, consider to use a repository server ... ask your systems group representative for more information.

Following repository tools are installed on our systems

	git svn mercurial	on repository server scm.cs.kuleuven.be
Research groups might have their own repository server(s) as well.

Using the repository tools, you can set up and use repositories in 2 ways:

  • in your home directory or any other directory you have (write) access to.
  • on a dedicated repository server.

Please take into account that everybody that wants/needs to use a repository in your home or other directory, needs to have an account on the departmental systems:

  • all accounts that need access must be member of the same group
  • all accounts that need write access must have (enough) quota on the file system / partition containing the repository
  • all files and directories in the repository must be changed to that group, with the chgrp command
  • that group must be given write access to all files and directories in the repository, with the chmod g+w command
  • directories probably need also the group s-bit (with chmod g+xs), such that new files automatically belong to the that group

Therefore we advise against setting up a repository in your home directory, except for small, private or test cases ... experience shows that using a repository always expands to a size where the above limitations really make life difficult.
On departmental repository servers the above requirements are implemented automatically and disk usage/repository size is only limited by the size of the disk.