Zimbra: Calendar system


  • Since the upgrade to zimbra version 7.2.3. in april 2013 you MUST click the SEND / VERZENDEN button,
    rather than SAVE / OPSLAAN, when creating any type of appointment with meeting rooms, resources and/or attendees other than yourself.

    Otherwise the invitation will not be sent and the appointment will not be scheduled in the other attendees' calendars and the meeting rooms and resources will not be reserved for you.

  • Whether or not a meeting room and/or resource is reserved for you is shown by means of an explicit (Zimbra) mail as is described in the corresponding section of the documentation.


The departmental Calendar system is available at https://zimbra.cs.kuleuven.be/. The software/platform being used is Zimbra.

Calendar (groupware) systems are tightly coupled to email.
Zimbra uses the email domain zimbra.cs.kuleuven.be.
These mail addresses are mainly used to receive and send calendar events.


More information is described on our local Zimbra documentation.


Zimbra is available to all departmental users in the deptcs.leuven mail alias.

On 12/mar/2017 zimbra was upgraded to version 8.7.1. There are some known issues after this upgrade.

On 04/mar/2014 zimbra was upgraded to version 8.0.6. There were some problems after this upgrade.

On 26/mar/2013 zimbra was upgraded to version 7.2.3.

On 17/nov/2009 the new Zimbra server became fully operational and all events, appointments, ... should be made using Zimbra.


This Zimbra system is not related to the KULeuven groupware system, deployed by the Central ICTS. We do have some guidelines that make both calendar systems co-exist and co-operate peacefully.

Please report problems to helpdesk