General information

Welcome sheet which briefly presents the top most important info.

Every student and member of the department is assigned to a group and receives a:

login name
which you use to log in.
The login name of a student in the Computer lab or on the department is the [m,r,s]-number you get from central KU Leuven ICTS. Members of the department can login with the account the systemgroup has created for them. In the student Computer lba, members of the department can login with their u-number.
Members of the department should, as soon as they receive their login name, protect access to that login account by creating a new password. You can use the command passwd, which you can also use to change your password. Using someone else's login name or allowing someone else to use your login name is considered a serious offense. More information about passwords can be found on this page or in the computerlab documentation.
home directory
in which there are some files, depending on the login shell assigned to you. You can modify most of these files yourself. ATTENTION! to avoid unnecessary work, you find warnings in these files. If you do not take these warnings into account, you will have to solve the problems you caused yourself.
which is your assigned amount of memory space on the disc.
On the department the amount is determined by the person in charge of your group. In the Computer lab your quotum is calculated every year. This calculation depends on the number of students and the available diskspace.
You can find more information about quota on the next page.
you can send and receive e-mail. Your e-mail address is most probably of the form Any other address, although it might work, should not be used. You can find more information about e-mail on this page.
This is the standard command translator and therefore the way to work with the UNIX operating system. There are a number of shells installed, but we only give support for bash.
Files and directories independent on the login shell used:
In table 5 you find an overview.
Files and directories dependent on the login shell used:
In table 6 you find an overview.