The Departmental System and Network Administration Group

The systems group is in charge of the good running of the department's computer systems:
This consists of:

  • daily running of the computer systems
  • maintenance and modification of system software
  • contacts with suppliers of hardware and/or software for orders, delivery, maintenance and repairing
  • formulate suggestions for extension of the installation
The system group meets every week (basically on wednesday morning). We try to have a representative of each research group in the systems group.
System group
Members Job and/or Group representative of
Anita Ceulemans software
Bart Swennen dienstdoende voorzitter, software
Greg Vanhove software
Kris Wessels hardware, netwerk
Kris Willems software
Steven Wittevrouw software
Davy Preuveneers dnet
Neline van Ginkel dnet
Tim Van den Eynde dtai
Gust Verbruggen dtai
Robin De Croon hci
Tuur Leeuwenberg hci (liir)
Niels Billen hci (graphics)
Roald Frederickx hci (graphics)
Pieter Lietaert numa

Preferably, specific issues and problems are reported to the systems group meeting by way of the representative of your research group, the person in charge of your group.

The person in charge of the group is, for example, responsible for assigning the disk quota.

(The global distribution of disk quota is determined by the systems group)